亂世曹操傳 (Mod) 2.1.76

亂世曹操傳 (Mod) 2.1.76

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App Name 亂世曹操傳
Package Name com.ftaro.caocao.google
Rating ( 959 )
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“The Legend of Cao Cao in Troubled Times” is a single-player RPG turn-based strategy mobile game based on the ancient war of the Three Kingdoms. The troubled times are disputed and the heroes are everywhere. Players become the master of Wei Wang and Cao Cao. They experience the Yellow Turban Uprising, Dong Zhuo Rebellion, the Separation of Heroes, and the Battle of Guandu , The Battle of Chibi. Recruit famous generals from the three countries, sweep the army, and quell wars. And after Cao Cao’s death, the game producer carefully wrote the legendary plot for the game. To make the game’s storyline complete, it can also be regarded as satisfying the player’s unified wish.

With the deepening of the plot, you need to improve your military commanders, equipment, formations, and strategies to make yourself stronger, deal with increasingly stronger enemies, achieve the dominance of the group, become the king, and dominate the world. After the plot progresses to a certain level, a big city will be opened to build an city (the game is fictitious and does not exist in real history). In this city, there are Famous General Tower, Bing Formation Tower, Thai Emperor’s Hall (Go to Mount Tai to challenge the twenty-four generals), Saint Beast Hall (Go to the area where the Zhuque, White Tiger, Green Dragon, Xuanwu Kirin is located), the Great Wei Five Generals’ Terrace, and the Five Great Generals’ Platform. In addition, the Five Tiger Generals and Soochow Governor Generals are located in Chengdu City and Jianye City respectively.

The scene design features cities, villages, levels, interiors, woods, mountains, rivers, caves, lava and other characteristic terrains. The entire game has about forty cities and many villages, players can explore as much as they want. In the battle generals, there are well-known generals in the Three Kingdoms period, such as Guo Jia, Zhuge Liang, Dian Wei, and Lu Bu. You can choose your favorite generals to fight.

Game features:
[1] Continue the FC classic operation and get started quickly. The generals swept, slashed, teleported, dazzling ultimatums, gorgeous critical strikes, all controlled at your fingertips, and they were triggered at any moment.
[2] Hundreds of military commanders are in the bag, with extra bonuses for special formations, strategy first, and build exclusive teams. The eight golden locks are unlocked into a mystery, revealing the wisdom of the Three Kingdoms.
[3] “Take the emperor in order to make the princes”, “I would rather bear others, and not allow others to bear me” Is the world wrong about Cao Cao, or is Cao Cao supposed to be a thief? Restore history, let you know a different Cao Cao!
[4] Huge map system, including cities recorded in the history of the Three Kingdoms. There are more suburban caves such as Wolf King Cave, Jiaolong Cave, Zhuque Cave, Xuanwu Cave, Qinglong Cave, etc. for you to explore and enjoy the fun of running maps.
[5] The blue dragon, white tiger, suzaku, basalt, unicorn and other mythological beasts integrated into Chinese mythology, as the world Boos, open a new chapter and experience the three different kingdoms.

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3、新增列傳商店。 (可獲得核心資源關銀屏碎片以及關妹將魂)

Id for android: com.ftaro.caocao.google

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