楽天ミュ (MOD Premium Cracked) 4.4.2

楽天ミュ (MOD Premium Cracked) 4.4.2

Game Information of 楽天ミュージック - 楽天の聴き放題音楽アプリ free download

App Name 楽天ミュージック - 楽天の聴き放題音楽アプリ
Package Name jp.co.rakuten.music
Version 4.4.2
Size 19M
Requirement 5.0 and up
Updated December 22, 2021
Installs 500,000+

Description of 楽天ミュージック - 楽天の聴き放題音楽アプリ free download with unlimited money






・無料で試せる音楽アプリを探している方 ※お試し期間中に解約すれば無料です。
・音質が良い音楽アプリを利用したい方(最大320 kbps)


・歌詞表示 ※一部表示されない楽曲あり。
・プレイリスト作成 機能


1. シンプルでわかりやすい操作性!
楽天ミュージックは、豊富な配信楽曲の中から自由に好きなだけ選んで再生できます。J-POP、K-POP、ROCK、Hip-Hop、ジャズ、クラシック・・・、思いつくままの音楽体験!初回入会時は30日間無料でお試しいただけます。ジャンルごとに新着楽曲、アルバム、プレイリスト、注目のアーティスト、新たな音楽との出会いをわかりやすい操作性でお届けします。 ※お試し期間中に解約すれば無料です。

2. 再生するだけで楽天ポイントをプレゼント!

3. 豊富な人気アーティストや楽曲を利用した楽曲リスト

4. 楽天ポイントでお支払い可能!



◎Rakuten Music(楽天ミュージック) 楽天カード会員限定プラン 楽天サービス利用者限定プラン


◎Rakuten Music(楽天ミュージック) スタンダードプラン

◎Rakuten Music(楽天ミュージック) ライトプラン



Recommended for those who have a contract with Rakuten Card / Rakuten Mobile / Rakuten Bank! Rakuten service user limited plan (780 yen including tax / 30 days) is now available!

The more you listen, the more points you get! Regardless of Japanese or Western music, you can freely listen to as many songs as you like from abundant distribution songs from nostalgic masterpieces to the latest songs!

First-time customers can use it free of charge for 30 days. * Free if you cancel during the trial period.

Monthly gifts of “discount coupons” that can be used when purchasing various products such as Rakuten Books CDs / music DVDs and Blu-rays! (The number is limited.)

■ Rakuten Music is recommended for people like this

・ Those who have accumulated Rakuten points
・ Those who are looking for a simple music app that is easy to use even for beginners
・ Those who want to save data traffic on their smartphones
・ Those who want to use their smartphone while playing music in the background
・ Those who want to use a music app that does not display ads
・ Those who are looking for a music app that can be tried for free * It is free if you cancel during the trial period.
・ Those who want to use a music app with good sound quality (up to 320 kbps)

■ Basic functions of Rakuten Music

・ All you can listen to your favorite music anytime and as many times as you like
・ Offline playback function that allows you to listen to music without worrying about the amount of data communication
・ Lyrics display * Some songs are not displayed.
・ Music recommendation function (music, artist, playlist)
・ Radio function by music genre and situation (non-stop playback)
・ Playlist creation function
・ Regularly announce music news

■ Characteristics of Rakuten Music

1. Simple and easy-to-understand operability!
Rakuten Music can be freely selected and played from a wide variety of distributed songs. J-POP, K-POP, ROCK, Hip-Hop, jazz, classical music …, music experience as you can think of! You can try it for free for 30 days when you first join. We will deliver new songs, albums, playlists, featured artists, and encounters with new music for each genre with easy-to-understand operability. * Free if you cancel during the trial period.

2. Get Rakuten points just by playing!
If you complete missions such as playing songs more than the specified number of times, registering on My Page, and setting offline playback, you will receive Rakuten points every day.

3. A list of songs using abundant popular artists and songs
We have carefully selected playlists and abundant radio (non-stop playback).
Furthermore, by registering artists / songs as favorites and listening to songs, we will propose the perfect playlist / album for you. There are plenty of playlists on various axes such as mood, favorite genre, and favorite artist. We will create new encounters from music that you have never met, to famous songs and nostalgic songs.

4. You can pay with Rakuten points!
You can use the points to pay the fee. You can also listen to music at a great price by using the remaining points.

Five. Buy Rakuten Books CDs / Music DVDs / Blu-rays at a great price!
From the Rakuten Music app, you can get a “discount coupon” every month, which allows you to purchase CDs, Blu-rays / DVDs, etc. sold at Rakuten Books at a great price. Also, by registering an artist as a favorite, you can receive related CD release information, live ticket information, etc. with the “News” function. There are various music experiences other than “listening”. We support a more realistic experience that connects artists and fans.

■ Rakuten Music rate plan

Recommended for those who have a contract with Rakuten Card / Rakuten Mobile!
◎ Rakuten Music Rakuten Card Member Limited Plan Rakuten Service User Limited Plan
Price: 780 yen (tax included)
Duration: 30 days
* All functions are available
* Automatic payment every 30 days

* Rakuten card: Family card is not applicable.
* For Rakuten Mobile: Applicable after confirming the opening of Rakuten Mobile.
* Not applicable to Rakuten Mobile (docomo line / au line).
* If you withdraw from mobile or card member, it will be 980 yen.
* For Rakuten Bank: Those who have not registered for the Happy Program are not eligible.

◎ Rakuten Music Standard Plan
Price: 980 yen (tax included)
Duration: 30 days
* All functions are available
* Automatic payment every 30 days

◎ Rakuten Music Light Plan
Price: 500 yen (tax included)
Period: Cumulative 20 hours of reproducibility in 30 days
* All functions are available (some songs may not be available)
* Automatic payment every 30 days
* You can change your plan after joining the service.

* Some functions such as 30-second audition can be used even for free.

■ Terms of use

■ Privacy policy

Id for android: jp.co.rakuten.music

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