명일방주 (Mod) 10.0.01

명일방주 (Mod) 10.0.01

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App Name 명일방주
Package Name com.YoStarKR.Arknights
Version 1.7.10
Rating 10.0 ( 14964 )
Size 1.7 GB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2021-03-25
Installs 500,000+
Category Games, Strategy

Description of 명일방주 free download with unlimited money

인류의 과학 문명을 눈부시게 발전시킨 근원의 돌, ‘오리지늄’. 그러나 인류가 오리지늄을 공업에 활용하며 문명을 발전시키자, ‘광석병’ 이라는 불치의 전염병이 창궐하여 인류를 분열시켰다.

광석병에 감염된 ‘감염자’들에게 생긴 특수한 능력과 감염성에 대한 공포가 낳은 비감염자들의 멸시와 배척은 감염자들을 하나로 뭉치게 하였고, 감염자들은 자신들의 새로운 세상을 만들겠다는 일념 하에 ‘리유니온’이라는 조직을 일으켜 비감염자 학살에 나섰다.

이에 ‘용문근위국’은 비밀리에 감염자 관련 문제를 처리하고 있는 제약회사 ‘로도스 아일랜드’와 계약을 맺고, 문제를 해결할 수 있는 ‘열쇠’를 찾기 위해 리유니온과 정면으로 맞서게 된다. 

파국을 향해 치닫는 ‘로도스 아일랜드’와 ‘리유니온’, 서로 다른 내일을 꿈꾸는 두 세력의 처절한 드라마가 지금 바로 펼쳐진다!

치밀한 전략과 컨트롤로 승부! 
– 8가지 클래스별 다양한 오퍼레이터를 조합해 상황에 맞는 최적의 팀을 구성
– 적시 적소에 오퍼레이터를 배치하고, 특수 스킬을 통해 상황을 뒤집는 정교한 컨트롤!
– 다양한 특수 지형을 활용하고, 적의 약점을 공략하는 날카로운 전략으로 승리를 쟁취하십시오.

 당신과 함께할 오퍼레이터를 고용하여 최정예 부대를 편성하라!
– 공개 채용과 헤드헌팅을 통해, 힘이 되어줄 인재를 고용하십시오.
– 분야별 전문성을 겸비한 오퍼레이터들과 함께 자신만의 기지(기반 시설)를 운영하십시오.
– 오퍼레이터와 함께하며, 그들의 숨겨진 이야기와 능력을 개방하십시오!

빠져들 수밖에 없는 매력적인 세계관! 
– 미지의 행성 ‘테라’에서 펼쳐지는 장대한 드라마.
– 모든 것을 부숴버리고자 하는 리유니온과 모든 것을 지키고자 하는 로도스 아일랜드. 각 세력과 인물들 사이에 얽힌 다양한 에피소드, 그리고 베일에 싸인 과거를 지금 확인하십시오.
– 인류에게 희망과 절망을 안겨준 수수께끼의 광물 ‘오리지늄’, 그리고 이를 둘러싼 처절한 사투. 과연 그 끝은 어디인가…

 ‘예술’의 경지에 도달한 아트 퀄리티
– 작품에 빠져들게 하는 최정상 성우진과 일러스트레이터, 그리고 작품의 격을 높이는 아름다운 음악.
– 아름다움과 편의성을 극대화한 인터페이스 화면.

일부 디바이스 환경에서는 아래와 같은 권한 요청이 있을 수 있습니다만,


안드로이드 버전 4.4 이상인 디바이스에서는 권한 허용 여부가 게임 작동에 영향을 미치지 않사오니, 권한 허용 후 언제든지 설정을 변경하실 수 있습니다. (설정 → 애플리케이션 → 명일방주 → 권한)
‘Originium’, a root of origin that has splendidly developed the scientific civilization of mankind. However, when mankind utilized orginium in the industry and developed civilization, an incurable epidemic called ‘ore disease’ broke out and divided humanity.

The ignorance and rejection of non-infected people with the special abilities and fears of infectious diseases caused by “ infected people ” infected with ore disease brought together the infected individuals, and the intention of organizing the will to create the new world of their own And caused the slaughter of non-infected people.

Accordingly, the ‘Long Moon Guard Station’ is contracted with Reunion to face up with a contract with Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that handles problems related to infected persons in secret, and to find a ‘key’ that can solve the problem.

‘Rhodes Island’ and ‘Reunion’, which are headed for catastrophe, and two powerful acting dramas dreaming of a different tomorrow will unfold now!

Win with a detailed strategy and control!
-Combining 8 different class-specific operators to form the optimal team for each situation
-Elaborate control to place operators in a timely manner, and to reverse the situation through special skills!
-Win a victory with a sharp strategy that utilizes a variety of special topography and targets enemy weaknesses.

Organize the best troops by hiring an operator to join you!
-Through open recruitment and headhunting, hire talents who will be empowered.
-Operate your own base (infrastructure) with operators who have expertise in each field.
-With the operator, open their hidden stories and abilities!

A fascinating worldview!
-A grand drama unfolding on the unknown planet ‘Thera’.
-Reunion, who wants to destroy everything, and Rhodes Island, who wants to protect everything. Check now the various episodes and the veiled past between each force and people.
-A mysterious mineral, ‘Originium’, which brought hope and despair to humans, and an elaborate struggle surrounding it. Indeed, where is the end …

Art quality that reached the status of ‘art’
-The most beautiful music that enhances the quality of the work, the voice actors and illustrators, and the work that makes you fall in love with it.
-An interface screen that maximizes beauty and convenience.

In some device environments, you may have the following permission requests,


On devices with Android version 4.4 or higher, permission permission does not affect game operation, so you can change the settings at any time after permission is granted. (Settings → Application → Myeongil Ark → Authority)
– version 73
– 버그 수정
– 안정성 개선
– 텍스트 표기 개선

Id for android: com.YoStarKR.Arknights

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