Desert World: War and Peace (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Desert World: War and Peace (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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App Name Desert World: War and Peace
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Updated Jul 14, 2022
Installs 10K+
Category Apps, Strategy

Description of Desert World: War and Peace free download with unlimited money

Just like one of those, I became a bereaved dog under the disaster of a nuclear explosion. The endless desert invades my mind, and the satellites in the dome laugh at my incapability…but I won’t just fall into this! I want to live! No one can judge me! I need resources! From now on, the wind will be my fighting soul, like a ruthless sandstorm, sweeping across the entire desert! ”


Desert World is a wasteland-style SLG game. You will find survivors on this barren desert, bring them under your command and gather your powerful troops to occupy and take this land. The strongest ruling area is “Rebirth City”!

⭐Game Features⭐

★The Doomsday Wasteland World
After the disaster of the nuclear explosion, it becomes a barren wasteland world. Resources are scarce and people here are unpredictable. You will encounter all kinds of weird people and attacks all over the place. The only way to deal with it is to build your own shelter. Commander, are you ready to face all this?

★Iron Chariot Legion
To conquer the world, first of all, you need to have a powerful force to grab resources for you, so let’s have all equipment ready for them and provide them the firepower support! Not only that, but you can also equip your soldiers with the combat vehicles to drive on the fury road, and boost the morale of your legion!

★Your Exclusive Nest
“Commander, did you sleep well last night?” Even though you live in a tense atmosphere during the day, you still have to go back to your private room to relax at night, and train your private servants, which can not only relieve loneliness but also help you gain a superpower bonus!

★Desert Adventure
Explore the desert with easy levels, mysterious eggs, and rich resources. Use your strategy to crack the secrets buried in the desert! Be careful! The mystery is accompanied by the crisis!

★Capture the Trophy Tower in Sandstorm
Under the ruins remaining in the sandstorm, the trophy towers are left in broken bricks and shattered walls. Construct a plan to capture all these trophy towers before the destruction! The strong equipment you gained gives you the power to dominate everything! But be careful, you might not be the first one here, the winner is king! Fight off!

★When you encounter any problems in the game, feel free to submit the feedback to our customer service system through the Facebook community.

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