Pi 拍錢包 (MOD Premium Cracked) 3.25.1

Pi 拍錢包 (MOD Premium Cracked) 3.25.1

Game Information of Pi 拍錢包 free download

App Name Pi 拍錢包
Package Name tw.com.pchome.android.pi
Version 3.25.1
Rating 3.6 ( 8061 )
Size 33M
Requirement 6.0 and up
Updated May 23, 2022
Installs 500,000+
Category Apps, Finance

Description of Pi 拍錢包 free download with unlimited money

|精采生活 強勢開拍|



Pi 拍錢包主要功能介紹:
● 拍享券
Pi 拍錢包提供包含食衣住行育樂總計超過100個通路品牌的電子票券,簡單選購或以P幣折抵即時兌換,精采生活 一拍即享。

● Pi 信用卡/拍兔Debit卡與P幣
玉山 Pi 信用卡/拍兔Debit卡刷卡回饋P幣,綁定 Pi 拍錢包付款加碼享更多回饋, 1 P幣可折抵 Pi 拍錢包 1元消費,折抵無上限。

● 停車繳費
臺北、基隆市、新北市、桃園市、新竹縣(市)、苗栗市、苗栗縣頭份市、台中市、彰化縣、嘉義市、臺南市、高雄市、花蓮縣、臺東縣、宜蘭縣及澎湖縣路邊停車繳費單,隨時隨地都能用手機繳費。全臺嘟嘟房停車場也可使用 Pi 拍錢包手機付款!

● 生活繳費
用 Pi 拍錢包可繳多種生活費用,包含水費、電費、學費、信用卡費、汽(機)車燃料費、四大電信帳單費、富邦產險保險費與健保費。

● 點餐功能
提供「Pi 拍錢包點餐」與「有無外送」服務!早上買早餐、下午訂飲料吃雞排,拿起手機直接點餐外帶,不想出門也可透過「有無外送」直接點餐,快速送達。

● 商店付款

● 線上購物付款
覓去、松鼠集運、夢谷小舖(戲谷)、PChome線上購物、PChome24h購物、PChome書店、露天拍賣與PChome商店街/個人賣場指定商家均可使用 Pi 拍錢包APP付款囉!

● 通訊聊天

● 安心保障
採用符合支付卡產業資料安全標準(PCI DSS)的資安架構,綁定手機硬體裝置並搭配支付密碼,同時具備雙重控管,交易更安心!

Pi 拍錢包服務團隊,持續努力推出更多便捷付款功能。

Pi 拍錢包的 3.7.3 版本起,建議使用環境如下:

– 請使用android 6 以上的版本作業系統

– 適用於2017年以後出產的手機機種
|Exciting life, strong shooting start|

Convenience stores and supermarkets are common for payment by one code. Life payment is divided into categories, with clearer interfaces and more convenient operations. There is also a “P currency” reward. The payment and consumption will be directly converted to 1 yuan with 1P currency, and there is no upper limit for the discount.

We have been working hard to do more for you, and create a good life with “one shot and unlimited rewards”!

Introduction to the main functions of Pi wallet:
● Take a coupon
Pi Wallet provides e-tickets containing more than 100 brands of food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment. They can be purchased simply or exchanged with P coins for instant exchange, so you can enjoy the splendid life with just one shot.

● Pi Credit Card / Debit Card and P Coin
Yushan Pi Credit Card/Paitu Debit Card Swipe to give back P coins, bind Pi Photo Wallet payment plus extra money to enjoy more rewards, 1 P coin can be discounted to Pi Photo Wallet 1 yuan consumption, there is no upper limit for the discount.

● Parking payment
Taipei, Keelung City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County (City), Miaoli City, Miaoli County Toufen City, Taichung City, Changhua County, Chiayi City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Hualien County, Taitung County, Yilan County And Penghu County’s roadside parking payment bill, you can pay with your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You can also use Pi Wallet to pay for the parking lot of Tuk Tuk rooms in Taiwan!

● Living expenses
With Pi Wallet, you can pay a variety of living expenses, including water, electricity, tuition, credit card fees, gas (motor) fuel costs, four major telecom billing fees, Fubon property insurance premiums and health insurance premiums.

● Ordering function
Provide “Pi wallet ordering” and “Do you have delivery” services! Buy breakfast in the morning and order drinks in the afternoon to eat chicken chops. Pick up your mobile phone and directly order the food to take out. You can also order the food directly through “Available Delivery” for fast delivery.

● Shop payment
Supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, taxis and other places are all paid by Pi’s wallet! The number of cooperative stores is increasing rapidly.

● Online shopping payment
Miqe, Squirrel Consolidation, Dream Valley Shop (Xigu), PChome online shopping, PChome24h shopping, PChome bookstore, open-air auction and PChome shopping street/personal store designated merchants can all use Pi Wallet APP to pay!

● Communication chat
The newly revised instant messaging function allows you to chat with your friends at any time, and you can also receive first-hand latest news from “official friends” simultaneously.

● Safe and secure
Adopting an information security framework that complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), binding mobile phone hardware devices and matching payment passwords, and dual control, making transactions more secure!

Pi’s wallet service team continues to work hard to introduce more convenient payment functions.
Create a more convenient future with you!

“Recommended use environment”
Starting from version 3.7.3 of Pi Wallet, the recommended environment is as follows:

-Please use Android 6 or above operating system
If you are still using the old version of android, it is recommended that you first upgrade the operating system to the latest version to get a more complete service.

-Applicable to mobile phone models produced after 2017
(Some Samsung models cannot support Pi fingerprint payment function due to their own system limitations)

建議您開啟 Google Play自動更新,確保第一時間獲得Pi拍錢包更好

Id for android: tw.com.pchome.android.pi

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