Stress Control Norbu(MOD Premium Cracked) 3.3.2

Stress Control Norbu(MOD Premium Cracked) 3.3.2

Game Information of Stress Control Norbu: game, breathing, meditation free download

App Name Stress Control Norbu: game, breathing, meditation
Package Name app.norbu
Rating ( 2306 )
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Description of Stress Control Norbu: game, breathing, meditation free download with unlimited money

🏆 The User’s Choice of #GooglePlayBestOf 2020 in Personal Growth category!

Norbu Stress Control is the first anti-stress app that teaches to manage stress and emotions on the physical level.

We want to be surrounded by mindful and relaxed people without the stress. We help people to become so. We all know about the use of mindfulness while developing the habit to be mindful is not easy. We found how to create this habit easily in the form of the game.

🎓 It had been scientifically proven that stress negatively affects the immune system. Today the world’s stress level is high and immunity issues are extremely relevant. Only an active position helps one stay calm and confident and not feel broken inside. Norbu app proposes Mindfulness Based Stress Control (MBSC) technique. This method helps handle stress and strengthen immunity in a short and effective way and develop the skill of active stress management.

🎁 Anxiety relief games, breathing exercises and guided meditation help to develop stress-control habits through a “5-days unlock” feature. It makes premium exercises available for those who really need them for no cost.

It’s the best choice for anyone who’s aware of the importance of mental self-care or is searching for a perfect state of mind and better physical condition.

🔥 Norbu app has two types of training – Quick Help and Challenge to develop stress tolerance. With easy instructions and voice guidance, Norbu’s guide will tell you how to do the anti stress exercises.

The exercises are very simple. They consist of stress relief games, classical breathing exercises and meditation time. Anyone can do it. You can meditate and breathe with a guide or in silence.

The Quick Help will help reduce anxious emotions in 2-4 minutes with anti-stress games and breathing exercises. They can be used in situations of anxious waiting, after quarrels or provocations in communication, and in sudden unpleasant situations. Quick Help also offers sleep meditation for those who have difficulty falling asleep. For each situation, Norbu has a suitable type of training.

Self-development is the purpose of the antistress Challenge. During the course of a month, you’ll learn to manage stress more effectively. Simply perform a few small exercises – play calming games, breathe and meditate – each day for 8-10 minutes. After just a few days you’ll start to better understand and manage your emotions. So, you’ll feel more confident and calm in stressful situations. In the following days, these skills will be developed and strengthened.
Evolutionarily, humans are better at remembering life-threatening negative events in order to avoid them in the future.
Pleasant events do not affect survival and therefore are not as well remembered.
Because of this evolutionary mechanism, one might get the feeling that life is not a pleasant thing.
We have added The Gratitude Timer, it will help you look at life in a new way.
Every time you hear the timer, recall a recent pleasant event,
write it down and thank yourself for this event 🙂

Id for android: app.norbu

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